Johnson Controls has introduced its FRICK Freezer Penthouse Evaporator-Retrofit (FPHE-R) model that includes design updates to improve ease of installation and service for contractors while maintaining product efficiency.

According to Chris Paraskevakos, vice president, product management at Johnson Controls, “These new updates to the unit’s reliability and serviceability help provide a cost-effective solution for building owners. The product line will further expand in the next year.”

The new FPHE-R unit weighs less than its predecessor due to a lowered height, making it more cost-effective to purchase while allowing for easier shipment, according to the company. A rerouting of the low-voltage junction box brings electrical access to the exterior of the unit, eliminating the need for electrical penetrations by the contractor. Larger service doors provide easier access for maintenance and service.

A new exterior finish improves the aesthetics of these rooftop units and reduces adhesion of dust and dirt. An added single-layer rubber roof membrane creates a weatherproof seal between outside environmental conditions and roof seams, helping to prevent air and water infiltration that could cause ice buildup and other issues in the unit.

By maintaining the same footprint and duct openings, the FPHE-R can be installed as a drop-in replacement for previous RTF units without the need for new roof openings or curbs.

The FPHE-R model is designed to sit on roof curbs open to cold rooms below. Options that come with this freezer evaporator include factory-mounted and wired fan motor starters, removable cooling coil access panel in the enclosure and more configurations.