Mondi has partnered with Syntegon to develop a recyclable paper packaging solution using recycled fibers for dried foods such as flour, sugar and pasta.  

The packaging uses Mondi’s EcoVantage kraft paper, which has been approved by ISEGA for the food packaging sector. EcoVantage is made from recycled and 'responsibly sourced' fresh fibers that were previously used for paper shopping bags.

Mondi supplies EcoVantage roll-stock to Syntegon, which then applies spot coating to create dust-tight, heat-sealable packaging that eliminates contamination throughout the product lifecycle—from production to the consumer’s home. Syntegon’s technology ensures that the minimum amount of sealing agent needed is used. The versatility of the technology ensures protection of powdered food goods and packaging strength, which is recyclable in existing paper streams.  

By using recycled fibers, the company states, EcoVantage kraft paper prevents waste, keeps materials in circulation and is recyclable in existing paper waste streams.