Monaco Cocktails is debuting a brand refresh while celebrating a decade of business. With the new look, with brightly colored tones, Monaco states it will ‘double-down’ on how consumers enjoy its products. The RTD cocktails are profiling flavor-forward, full-strength cocktails.

The brand’s new tagline, “Feel the Fun”, recognizes the real good times are caught in the moment, not curated for the camera, the company states. The flavor line-up remains the same in the brand refresh. Over ten full-flavor varieties feature 2-shots of real spirit cocktails in every can.

Utilizing the global design agency Robot Food, Monaco spent the last year modernizing design elements and the brand’s boldness, to reflect the current culture and speak to its loyal customers. The monochrome cans, which the company stays are a nod to the brand’s heritage, featuring an emblem stating, “established in 2012."

Most recently, Monaco Cocktails partnered with the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization to become the official ‘Hard Lemonade” of UFC. The cocktails are available nationwide at convenience stores for $2.50-2.99/12–oz. can.