Artemis International has announced the expansion of its CherryCraft line, tart cherry extracts that are made specifically to offer a wide range of standardized polyphenol levels. The company’s new line provides manufacturers of dietary supplements and food and beverage formulation manufacturers with a unique and customizable experience, allowing them to harness the reported health benefits associated with cherry polyphenols using CherryCraft extracts that work the best with their formulations.

Polyphenols, known for their powerful antioxidant properties, have gained significant attention in the health and wellness industry. Research suggests that these bioactive compounds can help promote cardiovascular health, support immune function, combat inflammation, and reportedly aid overall well-being. Tart Cherry polyphenols specifically are well-known to provide additional support in sports recovery. According to the company, the need for standardized polyphenol cherry ingredients influenced the development of CherryCraft—providing various cherry extracts for manufacturing needs.

The company states that its unique in its ability to deliver not just simple juice or pomace powders, but a range of extracts with guaranteed polyphenol levels from 1% to 14%, unlike simple cherry powders which may vary in polyphenol content from batch to batch. CherryCraft is produced using an advanced, yet gentle membrane extraction process that ensures consistency and potency. Each ectract guarantees precise polyphenol concentrations, enabling manufacturers to choose the specific level that aligns with their product and cost requirements.

The CherryCraft line is derived from premium-quality cherries cultivated in pristine orchards. These cherries are carefully selected for their exceptional taste, vibrant color and high polyphenol content. Employing special extraction techniques, CherryCraft ensures that the essence of cherries is preserved, delivering maximum potency and bioavailability.