BAK Food Equipment announced that it offers a variety of tumblers from Nowicki North America. The company’s portfolio includes several tumbler sizes and functionalities for food processing applications.

All tumbling solutions from BAK Food Equipment feature a welded stainless-steel construction that meets the highest hygienic requirements, has easy operation and offers cleanliness and long machine life, according to the company. Most units feature an advanced control system, giving operators a full command over all marinating parameters, including the temperature inside the drum, drum vacuum level, rotational RPM of the drum, massage time and overall interval time.

Traditional loading systems or vacuum-based loading systems can fill Nowicki’s MA series horizontal vacuum tumblers. Before tumbling begins, an optional mechanized port cover automatically swings closed. The drum vacuum systems include Busch-brand vacuum pumps and a multi-stage vacuum pump protection system.

The MA-1200 PT meat tumbler has a pass-through design for efficient marination. Controls allow end users to select from 30 different programs via a touchscreen operator panel. Loads as large as 1,322 lbs. can be processed and marinated.

MA-G and MAH-G series Nowicki food tumblers can form several processes, including tumbling, brewing, cooking, curing, traditional massaging and cooling. These tumblers include a heating system complemented by an insulated jacket wrapping the tumbling drum. The system employs a circuit filled with glycol to distribute heat. In addition, an external box with fittings allows facilities to connect the food tumblers to existing steam installations or an autonomous steam generator. MA-G and MAH-G series have an insulated cooling jacket around the drum perimeters, a glycol circuit powered by an internal circulating pump, a second drum insulation jacket to minimize thermal losses and either an external cooling unit or the ability to integrate the tumbler cooling system into existing plant cooling systems. According to the company, no matter the end product, liquid and solid food elements travel the inside surface of the tumbling drum along spiral blades, which are specially engineered to maximize rubbing while minimizing trauma to solid food pieces.

MA-PSCH horizontal vacuum tumblers can control the temperature of contents with an integrated cooling system. The system comprises an insulated cooling jacket around the drum perimeter with a glycol circuit powered by an internal circulating pump, an external cooling unit and a second drum insulation jacket to minimize thermal losses. The cooling function of MA-PSCH series tumblers reportedly optimizes the binding of meat proteins.

Nowicki MA-2800 PSCH combines traditional horizontal tumblers' simplicity and advantages with the tilted tumblers' high-loading capacities. The vacuum meat tumbler’s simple, reliable and compact design offers ease of use and versatility for processing various end products.

The MAH PSCH/D series vacuum meat tumblers have a defrosting function to let plants marinate meat from frozen blocks with one machine. For defrosting, MAH PSCH/D series vacuum meat tumblers feature a heating system and an insulated jacket wrapping the drum. In addition, it can be connected to existing steam installations or autonomous steam generators. An insulated cooling jacket around the drum unit connects to an external cooling unit. These vacuum meat tumblers can also brew, cool, cure, massage and cool.

Tumblers from BAK Food Equipment can be combined with loading systems, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), and modern process automation to create a fully automated continuous processing tumbling line. A fully integrated multi-machine solution reduces reliance on manual labor by automating the transport, loading and unloading of meat.

Nowicki tumblers are available from BAK Food Equipment with a range of customizations for use in various applications.