Siemens recently introduced its newest servo offering to the North American manufacturing industry. The SINAMICS S200 servo, which features a SINAMICS S200 drive and SIMOTICS S-1FL2 motor, comes with standard or flexible cable options. Siemens states that the new servo brings a new level of motion control to the standalone and networked machine market.

SINAMICS S200 servo package expands the SINAMICS drive offering various applications to the servo market. The pulse train version allows a range of installed machines to integrate additional positioning axis using the onboard positioner. Meanwhile, a dynamic networking capability for motion control, i.e., SIMATIC PLC, expands its system capabilities in the PROFINET version. With a power range of up to 7 kW including low-, medium- and high-inertia features, the S-1FL2 permanent magnet motors with 17- or 21-bit encoders expand the performance and scale to the widest range of standard servo requirements.

The company states that easy setup is assured with the electronic type plate on the S-1FL2 motor and one-button tuning in the S200 drive. The integrated brake resistor and integrated holding brake control add to the functions of the S200 servo-drive. Reportedly, high durability is designed with the coated circuit boards (3C2) in the S200 and IP65 with a metal connection solution. Built-in under-voltage protection is further provided.

The embedded web-server or Startdrive software integrated into the Siemens TIA Portal is offered to fit user demand for the engineering into a machine builder or machine user's system. Easy implementation of the SINAMICS S200 drive system on machines intended for global use is provided by universal standards and certification compliance.

SINAMICS S200 is included in the SINAMICS DriveSim Basic model and reportedly enables users to create a digital twin of the drive and PLC communication in the planning phase on a project to ensure proper sizing and operation of the equipment in use.

Regarding cybersecurity, the SINAMICS S200 for networked connection comes standard with integrated security, providing enhanced communication, integrity and authenticity checks to protect against tampered parameters, plus the drives offer user management and access control (UMAC) within the TIA Portal.