Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. announced that it would attend PACK EXPO 2023 in booth #N-10011. The company will demonstrate automated solutions for consumer-packaged goods (CPGs), life sciences customers and OEMs.

In addition to the Factory Automation Wall, displaying Mitsubishi Electric’s complete line of factory-automated products, a new 3D Bin Picking robot demo is debuted. In this demo, collision avoidance and dynamic path planning from Realtime Robotics with the newly added 3D Vision from SICK, Inc., will show collision management in a three-robot work cell.

On Day 2, September 12 at 4:00 PM in the Central Hall on Stage 3 (C-2508), the company’s product marketing manager, mechatronics, Patrick Varley, will be presenting on “The Next Evolution of 3D Bin Picking: Multiple Collision-Free Robots.” Alongside Matt Somerville from Realtime Robotics and Nick Longworth from SICK, Varley will discuss how the combination of 3D vision for robotic guidance, dynamic path planning and collision avoidance can work together to increase throughput and reduce the footprint needed to deploy Mitsubishi Electric robots.