Englert Inc. has announced the launch of PermaEdge, a pre-manufactured perimeter system that provides easy installation, reduced labor and design consistency. Englert's PermaEdge Perimeter System is engineered to simplify construction processes while ensuring quality and performance standards. Each component is precisely manufactured, eliminating the need for field fabrication and reducing installation time.

This approach enhances project efficiency, allowing contractors and builders to complete projects faster and cost-effectively. The PermaEdge product line has undergone testing, earning ANSI/ES1 certification. "We are excited to introduce PermaEdge to the market, supplying perimeter systems and delivering unparalleled benefits to the construction industry," says Carlos Dias, vice president of Englert Inc. "By combining easy installation, top-tier quality, and superior warranty protection, PermaEdge sets a new standard in perimeter solutions, empowering architects, builders and contractors to achieve remarkable results on their projects."

The PermaEdge Perimeter System offers a 20-year, 120MPH wind warranty to ensure customer satisfaction and project longevity. Additionally, PermaEdge comes with a 40-year finish warranty. Available in a wide range of colors, finishes, and gauges, PermaEdge seamlessly integrates into any architectural style. PermaEdge offers the availability of pre-punched cleats for proper placement and faster assembly. This feature optimizes installation time.

To enhance convenience and provide a solution, PermaEdge Perimeter Systems include a 6-in. splice plate in the same color, ensuring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing finish. "With the unveiling of PermaEdge, Englert reaffirms its commitment to guaranteed consistency and quality," says Dias. "PermaEdge's innovative construction approach, stringent product testing, and ANSI/ES1 certification, showcase our dedication to excellence."