Provisur will present a range of innovations at Process Expo, the global food equipment and technology exhibition taking place in Chicago, October 23-25. Provisur will showcase technology in forming, slicing, separation, DMC, and further processing equipment.

Process Expo visitors will be able to experience three demonstrations per day of Provisur’s forming equipment for the pet food market. Designed for smaller to midsize processors of pet consumables, the versatile Formax NovaMax 150 forming machine reportedly has a small footprint and provides portion control. It can be seen in action at the live Pet Treat production line on the show floor.

Slicing – New Developments, Synchronized Systems
In the slicing segment, Provisur will present a range of equipment. For example, the Formax SX550, the new large-capacity slicer for high throughput, and the SX330-A, which enhances short-run slicing processes. The new CashinSX combines the best of the Cashin and SX platforms to provide bacon slicing performance for retail and foodservice applications. To create smooth product flow, the Hoegger X4 Press optimally prepares food items for slicing, and fits into a synchronized sequence of pressing, scanning and slicing. 

Separation – Maximum Yield, Texture
The Provisur portfolio of separation equipment provides separation processes for efficient production. The STS3000 is the newest model in the company’s STS platform (soft tissue separator). Its technology ensures that products are free of bone fragments, sinew and cartilage, while still maintaining the structure of the fiber in meat and fish. The company states that the Beehive RSTD06 MAX has the ability to handle products that other separators cannot.

DMC– Versatile Process Integration with Tumbling Equipment
Provisur will also display Lutetia’s T2 tumbler, which features the steam-vacuum technology that helps to increase yield up to 8%. The machine is designed for smaller capacities, allowing process integration from DMC—defrosting, marinating curing, tenderizing, cooking as well as drying or smoking—and tumbling processes. Another  benefit is the low total cost of ownership .