Provisur Technologies has introduced the new Soft Tissue Separator (STS). This belt separator is designed for reliable soft tissue separation of meat, poultry, fish and more, and it can be optimally integrated with other food processing components from the Provisur portfolio. 

The new STS is available in four different sizes: STS 800, STS 1200, STS 2000 and STS 3000. It's designed for efficient separation of meat, poultry or fish bone fragments, tendons, cartilage and more while preserving the integrity and structure of the food. It can also be used for the clean separation of components in products such as fruit and vegetables. In addition, it is suitable for depacking: when processing defective articles or those whose best-before date has passed, it separates product and packaging.

 A flexible pressing belt conveys the product through the separator and presses it against a perforated drum. By means of adjustable mechanical pressure, the soft components pass through these holes, while hard parts, e.g., bone splinters, fish bones, tendons, cartilage, etc., remain on the outside of the drum and are removed by a knife. Equipped with Frequency Control, its control system, the STS regulates process speed and matches it to other upstream or downstream line components. The unit features a contemporary, hygienic design with a removable or replaceable belt, thus enabling quick and easy cleaning and maintenance. The STS can be used as a standalone machine or integrated into a line. With capacities ranging from 500 kg/h to 3.6 t/h, it is perfectly matched to other Provisur components or modules, such as the Bone Cannon, the company says.