Linde announced that it is featuring new offerings at Process Expo 2023 in Chicago. The new products are a plate belt freezer to improve yield for food manufacturers by minimizing product loss during freezing and a new cryogen injection valve and system to reduce the temperature in continuous meat mixing quickly. These and other offerings will be displayed at booth 2931 October 23-25.

The CRYOLINE PB plate belt freezer uses a solid surface conveyor belt instead of a chain link belt to reduce belt marks and decrease sticking and dripping, which reportedly improves sanitation and cleanability. The belt is chilled in the freezer to cryogenic temperatures, quickly crust-freezing the product surface. Crust freezing locks in moisture, brine, marinade and sauces, so there are minimal losses in downstream processing steps.

The newest product from Linde is the ACCU-CHILL CBC cryogenic bottom-injection system. It provides rapid, precise temperature reduction during mixing or blending. The system’s valve-nozzle assembly is made of a fail-close, all-stainless-steel inline valve for cryogenic service. “The nozzle component automatically closes once the cryogenic liquid has been injected to create a smooth surface along the inside blender wall. This self-closing mechanism minimizes the risk of food particles getting trapped in the nozzle opening, which reduces nozzle blockage or cross-contamination between batches,” says Chris Johnson, director of business development.