Cold Chain 3PL announced the hiring of its new CEO, Bret Schultz. The hire represents Cold Chain 3PL’s strategic market expansion in the third-party logistics industry nationwide, the company states. Previously, Schultz and Cold Chain 3PL cofounder Judd Rosenberg led the scale of Fresh and Ready Foods from $100,000 to $100 million and exit after 12 years in business. 

During their tenure at Fresh and Ready Foods, Schultz secured partnerships with companies such as Starbucks, Trader Joe’s, Wolfgang Puck and more, Today, Cold Chain 3PL serves brands like Tyson Chicken, Smuckers Uncrustables, Red Baron pizza, Morey's Salmon and more.

In a joint statement, Cold Chain 3PL cofounders Rosenberg and Jamie Moriarty said, “Bret’s extensive track record and experience in leading companies in the pre-packaged industry will further position Cold Chain 3PL as the go-to choice for customized eCommerce brand activations, orders, and on time fulfillment. Schultz’ background responsibility leading companies to their highest and healthiest growth potential will lend not only to Cold Chain 3PL’s clients and customers—but also our team as a whole.” 

Prior to Cold Chain 3PL, Schultz founded Fresh and Ready Foods (formerly known as Food Evolution) where he served as CEO and president. After the sale of Fresh and Ready Foods to a private equity firm, Schultz became a managing partner and principal investor with PEMM Capital, where he shared his insight to support business owners looking to expand their companies.

Schultz holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from Ohio State University and is a Master Certified Food Executive licensed by the FDA as well as a Preventive Controls Qualified Individual licensed by the Food Safety Management Advisor. 

Rosenberg and Moriarity will continue to lead the company as vice presidents of sales and chief operating officers.