Vkind announced a new product debut at its forthcoming multicultural event—the Vkind Experience (VKX) at the Magic Box November 11-12—featuring a new mini size egg from Southern California plant-based egg producer, Yo Egg. This new product, developed for VKX, will be featured in a custom dish curated for the event's Asian room by celebrity chef Chris Tucker.

Star Simmons, founder of Vkind, says. "We are absolutely thrilled to feature Yo Egg's newest invention at the Vkind Experience. It's not just an egg; it's also an experience not to be missed!" Alongside the new egg, the Vkind Experience is expected to be filled with a range of delectable, must-try treats spanning the event's 11 global-themed rooms. "We're here to push the envelope and with the help of Yo Egg, we're creating something that has never been done before." 

"We couldn't be more excited to have Yo Egg taking part in VKX2023," says Tucker. "Yo Egg is truly in a class of its own and what they are bringing to the event is going to blow people away—the taste, the texture, it might just be my favorite product on the market!"

Yo Egg’s creations of plant-based sunny-side-up and poached eggs have earned them partnerships with companies like Veggie Grill. "At Yo Egg, innovation never sleeps. We've crafted this delectable, bite-sized egg specifically for VKX2023. It's not only an advancement in food technology but also an absolute culinary delight that you won't want to miss," says Eran Groner, CEO of Yo Egg.