OGGS Egg Alternative has been selected as an alternative to traditional eggs for bakery manufacturers as the egg shortage in the UK continues. OGGS Egg Alternative is a plant-based liquid egg substitute that is made with aqufaba, a liquid produced from chickpeas.

The company was selected in trials with two of the UK’s largest British bakery manufacturers. These trials are reportedly happening in part because of the egg shortage, but also due to bakeries looking at the long-term rising cost of eggs. OGGS states the product has been through R&D processing that involved two top universities in the UK and Portugal for the development of an egg-alternative effective for large-scale manufacturing.

If OGGS Egg Alternative is adopted into bakery manufacturing, the company states that its product may provide a solution to a manufacturer’s carbon impact by an 85% reduction. The government high in saturated fat, sugar and salt (HFSS) guidelines could also be met with the product’s 95% reduction in saturated fats and 85% reduction in calories compared to eggs, states OGGs.