Newforma's newly launched cloud-hosted and web-based Newforma Konekt platform combines information management, project management and simple BIM coordination by those using BIM in their process. Newforma Konekt integrates design collaboration and issue management, essential during design and building phases, with processes like document handling, RFIs, submittals, email coordination and other project completion tasks.

Carl Veillette, chief product officer, offered this summary of the new platform. "Newforma Konekt is an interconnected ecosystem—an environment, really—that encapsulates Newforma's very essence, ideals, and commitment to the AECO industry. Time is always of the essence in construction, but Newforma Konekt gives users more than just hours; it gives them clarity, efficiency, and above all, peace of mind, by uniting every element of their project."

Newforma Konekt is intended to allow stakeholders on a project, including architects, engineers, contractors and owners, are able to collaborate and make informed decisions while creating a project record. Newforma Konekt synchronizes with existing software tools, eradicating communication gridlocks, isolated data and document tasks so firms gain time that they can spend on delivering quality projects, the company says.