CULT Food Science Corp. announced the introduction of Noochies! Freeze-Dried Cat Snacks.

The company states that mainstream cat treat brands do not offer meatless options. It further claims that the lack of alternative protein options in cat treats is largely due to a belief that cat diets are incompatible with meat-free or vegan foods. Reportedly, a recent peer-reviewed study shows that cats can eat a vegan diet when supplemented with nutrients needed for survival.

Cats are considered obligate or "true" carnivores in the wild—they need nutrients found in animal tissue for survival. The Noochies! Freeze Dried Cat Snacks are not a replacement for those nutrients but complementary to a cat's diet. The crunchy, freeze-dried morsels are high in fiber and B vitamins, which are not generally found in meat-based diets. The product is also high in protein, comparable to cuts of chicken or lamb.

According to CULT Food Science Corp., taste is another hurdle to cats eating meat-free diets. This is because cats have a finely tuned palate and are attracted to animal fats. Noochies! says that with the help of scientists in the yeast lab, it has solved that palatability issue with a blend of yeasts.

Noochies! is made without factory farming. The ingredients, Bmmune and Bflora, are animal-free components that reportedly offer pets health benefits, including improved digestion, immune system support, and overall cognitive and heart health. Noochies! Freeze Dried Cat Snacks will be available in retail stores in California and available for online purchase.