CULT Food Science Corp. has announced the expansion of its pet food division through the launch of three new consumer brands. The new brands will leverage cultivated ingredients in partnership with the company's portfolio companies. The new brands utilize cell-based technologies to create nutrient dense protein that provides sustainable meat for pets. The products are slated to launch in Q3 2023. 

New brands include Noochies! (formerly Because Animals brand), which uses a cell-cultured nutritional yeast called Bmmune to make cat and dog foods with comparable nutrient specifications to beef or lamb. Bmmune is a high-protein, natural blend that contains 10 amino acids, including bioactive ingredients that soothe digestion and B vitamins for immune function. The Noochies! products include nutrition supplements, single ingredient treats and nutrition foods made with a blend of cell-cultured nutritional yeast and fermented proteins.

The brand also includes a high protein, umami, animal-free treat for cats.

Also a part of the launch, Indiana Pet Foods is a cell-based dog food and treat brand made with tier-1 collagen formulated for active and senior dogs. Collagen has been shown to benefit dogs with osteoarthritis, helping to increase their mobility. 

The third brand, Marina Cat, is focused on the health benefits of ocean-derived ingredients that promote longevity and immunity. It's a cat treat that uses cell-based fish and marine ingredients.

Pet products identified as "certified human raised and handled" grew by 110% in sales over the last two years to account for $11 million in sales. "Ethical" products grew 48% to $11.7 million, while "cruelty-free" products increased by 10% to account for $18 million in sales. More than a quarter [27%] of all pet food purchasers say they would like to see more sustainably sourced pet foods.