SOFi Products introduced a 100% plastic-free, biodegradable cup for hot beverages that doesn’t require a separate lid. The SOFi Hot Cup features three flaps that fold together to form a spill-proof spout. This design eliminates the need for a separate plastic lid, with the company’s locking mechanism designed to prevent spills protection and a water-based coating designed to eliminate sogginess.

“There are no cups currently on the market that are 100% biodegradable and eliminate the need for a lid,” said Brandon Leeds, co-founder of SOFi Products.

The company says that despite industry efforts to create paper cups that are either recyclable or biodegradable, most companies use a plastic laminate as a sealant, which makes them difficult to recycle and nearly impossible to compost. The majority of cups also use plastic lids, which make it more difficult to recycle. As a result, it is estimated that 50 billion cups are thrown away in the U.S. each year.

The SOFi Hot Cup is the first paper cup that doesn’t require a plastic lid and is biodegradable (biodegrades in less than 180 days), which means it can be composted at any composting facility.

The cups are now offered nationwide in Walmart and at a variety of coffee and restaurant chains, including La Colombe, Bluestone Lane, Earl of Sandwich, Alfred Coffee and more.