Britain’s first fully plastic-free and recyclable lid-free takeout cup recently debuted. The ButterflyCup doesn’t need a separate lid; the paperboard package incorporates a patented folding design that securely closes the top of the cup to prevent splashes, leaks and drips. The built-in drinking spout allows consumers to drink without using a straw for cold drinks as well.

Most cups are not recycled due to their plastic lining. They also require the container and the lid to be thrown away separately often causing users to dispose of them incorrectly. ButterflyCup contains no plastic laminate and due to its design, eliminates the need for a plastic lid. The inks are also plant-based. With this fully recyclable cup, consumers discard it in the recycle bin with other paper and cardboard products.

ButterflyCup has been in talks with several major coffee chains and is currently used in more than 20 countries. Currently, the company is rolling out product with WWT, a leading UK conservation organization saving wetlands for wildlife and people across the world.