Dogsters new pumpkin-flavored ice cream style treats for dogs, produced by J&J Snack Foods, is a frozen, dairy-free treat for pups with stomach sensitivities. This low fat, low calorie doggie snack is made with real pumpkin and has added probiotics to support gut and digestive health.

Dogsters is a veterinarian-approved treat that can be served straight from the freezer. The new flavor makes a total of four options, including Cheesy Bac'n, Nutly & Cheese and Mintë Kissably Fresh. Each snack is around 100 calories.

Dogsters products are made in the U.S. and available in grocery store freezer aisles nationwide, with braille accessible labels for visually impaired consumers. Dogsters' new pumpkin flavor will be available in Giant Eagle, The Giant Company and HEB beginning early 2024 and will hit additional retailers nationwide later in the year.