Talking Rain Beverage Co. announced the launch of Sparkling Ice STARBURST—a new line of Sparkling Ice flavors designed to capture the taste and sensory experience of STARBURST original fruit chew candy with zero sugar.

The new line of STARBURST-inspired Sparkling Ice comes in the candy’s four original flavorscherry, lemon, orange and strawberry.

"Sparkling Ice STARBURST is a bold new sparkling water collaboration, designed to surprise and delight our loyal fans and attract a whole new legion of flavor-loving consumers to our zero-sugar beverages," says Rich DePencier, chief growth officer at Talking Rain Beverage Co. "This brand collaboration is already igniting enthusiasm among beverage influencers, industry leaders and retailers. It's just the beginning of a new chapter in the Sparkling Ice brand that our fans will love."

Influencers began buzzing about the collaboration weeks before news of the launch was available publicly. To date, their organic content has garnered more than a half-million views on TikTok.

The new line of STARBURST-inspired Sparkling Ice will be available online via Amazon starting March 4. It also began arriving at select retailers in late January and will continue rolling out nationally throughout the spring.