There are a select few people who have food safety bona fides like Frank Yiannas. Considered a leader in the field, Yiannas has served under two different administrations as the deputy commissioner for Food Policy and Response at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a position he held from 2018 to 2023, after spending 30 years in leadership roles with two industry giants: Walmart and the Walt Disney Company. Through his career, Yiannas has been recognized for his role in strengthening food safety standards in new and innovative ways, as well and building effective food safety management systems based on modern, science-based, and tech-enable prevention principles.

His expertise on food safety is why Revol Greens sought him out as a consultant.

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Revol Greens grows lettuce and other greens in a greenhouse, as opposed to an open environment. The goal is to create a superior product in this environment designed to reduce the risk of contamination without using chemicals, chlorine, pesticides or herbicides. At the same time, the greenhouses conserve, recycle and reuse water to the tune of approximately 800 million gallons per year.

He sat down with FE to share what Revol Greens is doing to ensure its products are safe and able to be delivered to customers within 24 hours of harvest. We also explore common mistakes companies make that put their products at risk as well as how upcoming regulations are going to impact the industry.