Aptar - Food Protectionpart of AptarGroup, Inc., has been granted the North American license to manufacture and distribute the Halopack Tray system, designed to enhance packaging sustainability for fresh, frozen, reheatable, grab-and-go and oven-able food applications. Called Aptar Halopack, the solution is produced with recycled cardboard and minimal removable film, allowing the package to be recycled in existing cardboard streams once the film is removed. Compared to conventional plastic-based trays, Halopack’s use of cardboard materials allows for as much as an 90% reduction in plastic. More than one billion units have been sold in Europe by Halopack, the Netherlands-based company that invented the product.

The paperboard-based tray systems recycle and fold flat to save recycling bin space for consumers. Custom printing on the paperboard, inside and outside the package, reduces or eliminates the need for additional labels and minimizes manufacturing steps associated with label placement. Additionally, trays fit in existing top seal and skin pack equipment with minimal tooling conversion required.

Aptar Halopack systems are reportedly suitable for dry and high moisture foods and are available in a range of configurations such as skin pack, clam shell, freezable, microwave and oven-able, and modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). This makes the systems appropriate for ready meals/grab-n-go foods, frozen and reheatable foods, fresh-cut produce, proteins and soups. The duo-tray configuration offers a solution for foods like parfaits or salads that require a multi-compartment structure to maintain the integrity of the separate ingredients until consumption.

Aptar Halopack is currently being manufactured in North America at Aptar - Food Protection’s facility in Atlanta; the company has plans to expand production to other North American locations.