Atomo Coffee, maker of “beanless” espresso, has partnered with Bluestone Lane, the Australian-inspired coffee shop and café chain. 

Starting in August, Bluestone Lane will offer Atomo’s beanless espresso at all 58 locations nationwide. 

Atomo crafted its espresso by replicating the molecular structure of conventional coffee sourced from upcycled, farm-grown superfoods such as date seeds, guava and sunflower. The espresso delivers an alternative that’s high in antioxidants and lower in acidity. The taste profile has notes of rich dark chocolate, graham cracker and dried fruit. The espresso is offered in both regular and decaf.

This partnership aligns with Bluestone Lane’s mission to elevate the coffee experience with a focus on cultivating a culture of appreciation for high-quality brews.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Atomo’s beanless espresso across all Bluestone Lane locations,” says Nicholas Stone, CEO of Bluestone Lane. “This presents an opportunity for our customers to enjoy an innovative coffee option that maintains our high standards for quality and taste while aligning with our commitment to environmental stewardship.”

"Partnering with Bluestone Lane is a natural fit for Atomo," adds Andy Kleitsch, CEO of Atomo Coffee. "Bluestone distinguishes itself in the coffee industry through its selection of healthy, gourmet food and expertly crafted drinks. Our beanless espresso is the perfect addition to its premium offerings.”