Sweetmore Bakeries has completed its acquisition of Sweet Eddie’s Inc.

The Sweet Eddie’s acquisition will add to the set of products Sweetmore Bakeries offers across retail and foodservice channels.

“We are thrilled to add Sweet Eddie’s to the Sweetmore family of bakeries,” says CEO David Veenstra. “Our goal is to serve the very best retail and foodservice customers with high quality baked goods, and by adding the complementary cinnamon roll and yeast-raised categories to our portfolio, along with a great team at Sweet Eddie’s, we will be even better positioned to do so.”

Sweetmore Bakeries is a Chicago-based family of specialty bakeries with more than 300 employees and four facilities across the United States. Sweetmore started in 2019 with Shore Capital Partners’ acquisition of Main Street Gourmet, followed by the acquisition of Biscotti Brothers in 2020 and Meurer Brothers Bakery in 2021. 

Sweetmore serves customers across the United States in the retail in-store bakery and foodservice channels, providing biscotti, brownies, dessert bars, cakes, cookies, muffins, Danish, granola, icings, fillings and more. 

Sweet Eddie’s is an SQF-certified wholesale bakery specializing in producing cinnamon rolls and other yeast-raised sweet goods for retail chains across the United States. Sweet Eddie’s is based in Atlanta, Ga. and has been serving its customers since 1998.

“Our partnership with Sweetmore Bakeries will allow us to continue to invest in our facility and team and enable our growth with current and future customers,” says Sweet Eddie’s Founder and President Ed Allen.