Advanced Illumination, a provider of lighting solutions for machine vision applications, has launched the LL330 Series of Sealed High Intensity Line Lights. 

Designed to excel in challenging industrial environments, the LL330 Series offers reliability and performance in line scan imaging applications.

The LL330 Series is engineered to address common challenges faced by industries that rely on line scan imaging in dusty and debris-laden environments. Traditional line lights are susceptible to dust and debris ingress, leading to decreased performance, frequent maintenance and costly downtime. The LL330 Series overcomes these issues with its sealed design, ensuring protection from dust and debris while maintaining optimal light output.

In addition to its dust-proof capability, the LL330 Series features a passively cooled design capable of efficiently dissipating immense heat, allowing for up to 1.25 million lux in continuous operation. Unlike line lights with active cooling fans, which are prone to failure due to dust accumulation, the passive cooling system ensures consistent performance and product longevity.

The LL330 Series offers scalability, allowing users to customize the light’s length to their specific requirements. With standard lengths ranging from 159.8 mm to 1059.8 mm, the line lights can be configured in 150 mm increments. For applications requiring longer lengths exceeding 1 meter, the LL330 Series features an end-to-end stackable design, providing unparalleled flexibility.

"We are excited to introduce the LL330 Series to the market," says Mariann Kiraly, business development manager at Advanced Illumination. "This product is a game-changer for industries that contend with dust and debris in their imaging environment. The LL330’s sealed design with passive thermal management and high-output intensity makes this series an ideal solution for challenging line scan applications. End users will also appreciate the LL330's embedded control option, eliminating the need for an external controller, saving valuable space and simplifying installation."

The LL330 Series is available in various wavelengths, including white, 455 nm, and 625 nm, with more wavelength options coming soon. The line lights are built-to-order and can be shipped in three weeks or less, ensuring quick turnaround times for customers.