The new AFC BBU II bulk bag unloading station from process equipment manufacturer Automated Flexible Conveyor features a proprietary design that promotes the smooth, consistent, complete discharge of non-free flowing materials.

Developed for emptying difficult bagged powders and other bulk materials that cake, clump, bridge, and/or generate nuisance dust, the AFC BBU II uses dual, pneumatic steel paddles to gently coax the material through an extended neck connection set inside an easy access, oversized tie box. Complete discharge is assured while any potential dust particles are automatically captured by a built-in vacuum system to prevent release to the workplace.

Effective in discharging whey protein powder, carbon black, bentonite clay, titanium dioxide and other bulk materials, the AFC BBU II stands in a sturdy, steel frame that bolts to the floor to safely hold bulk bags with up 4,000 lbs. of material. The novel discharge design may be configured for easy connection to a pneumatic conveyor, vacuum conveyor, flexible screw conveyor or other material transfer system.

The AFC BBU II is designed and manufactured at the company's New Jersey headquarters. Testing with filled FIBCs, sacks and other bulk bags is offered live in person and online by live stream in the on-site test center.