Redwood Logistics is highlighting its role in revamping the transportation and logistics strategy for Snak-King, a snack food manufacturer and distributor.

Through logistics strategies and tailored solutions, Redwood helped Snak-King mitigate disruption to its supply chain, achieving cost savings and enhanced logistical efficiency.

The post-pandemic landscape presented Snak-King with unprecedented challenges, including escalated transportation expenses and supply chain disruptions. In response, Snak-King partnered with Redwood to identify and implement strategic solutions that would bolster its supply chain resilience and maintain competitive pricing without compromising product availability.

"Our collaboration with Redwood has been nothing short of transformative," says Thomas Gurrola, director of logistics at Snak-King. "The pandemic created a significant strain on our operations, but Redwood’s strategic guidance and managed services have allowed us to not just recover but thrive in these challenging times. We’ve seen a noteworthy reduction in our transportation costs and an improvement in operational efficiency, allowing us to continue delivering our beloved snack products to consumers without interruption."

Leveraging its industry experience in supply chain technology and logistics execution orchestration, Redwood introduced a suite of services to address Snak-King's specific needs. These services include fully managed truckload (TL) transportation services, comprehensive freight brokerage, solutions for less-than-truckload (LTL) returns and expedited shipping support to address any arising logistical hurdles.

This partnership has enabled Snak-King to streamline its logistics operations, secure more favorable carrier rates and significantly reduce risk exposure. By consolidating its carrier base and optimizing freight routes, Snak-King has realized cost benefits and positioned itself for long-term success in an increasingly volatile market environment.

"Helping Snak-King adapt and overcome disruptions in their supply chain is a testament to Redwood’s modern 4PL strategy, leveraging our logistics expertise and technology," says Mike Reed, chief product officer, Redwood.