Fortifi Food Processing Solutions has completed the acquisition of LIMA (Les Innovations Mecaniques Alimentaires) of Quimper, France, a designer and manufacturer of separating, grinding, deboning and desinewing equipment for meat production.

"LIMA creates efficient, high-quality equipment that is essential for secondary and further processing of proteins, especially poultry and pork," says Fortifi CEO Massimo Bizzi. "We are delighted to expand our capabilities in this essential area of food production, which continues Fortifi’s aggressive growth trajectory."

LIMA launched in 1981 as the manufacturer of a mechanical separator created for the many local processing facilities in its region of France. Since then, LIMA has expanded its products to include a wider range of protein processing solutions and now distributes its equipment worldwide.

LIMA joins Bettcher Industries, Frontmatec, MHM Automation, REICH Thermoprozesstechnik GmbH, Nothum and other brands within Fortifi’s portfolio of food processing and automation solutions.

"We welcome the opportunity to serve customers beyond our current base as part of the Fortifi family," says Denis Le Guillou, president of LIMA. "We look forward to seeing our technology increase our customers’ profitability for an even broader range of global facilities."

All LIMA employees will join Fortifi’s broad-based ownership program, which provides employees with the opportunity to participate in equity ownership.