As food and beverage manufacturing moves toward becoming a $1 trillion market, the opportunities and challenges grow along with it. The industry, by any yardstick, is big business: a bigger pot, more players, more geography and more challenges.

How to take advantage of the opportunities this offers and the obstacles it presents requires continuing vigilance by management at all levels and in all operations.

It means increased reliance on technology to monitor, manage, analyze, take action and plan for the future, and a brighter spotlight on the manufacturing professionals who convert this data into meaningful, manageable and actionable information.

However, it comes at a time that the manufacturing industry is faced with a shrinking number of engineers to develop and maintain processing and related systems.

For many food and beverage manufacturers, the solution has been to look to system integrators.

Members of CSIA–Control System Integrators Association (–fill this need, providing food and beverage manufacturers the assurance that they are financially healthy companies capable of completing projects in a professional, low-risk, and technically sound manner.

System integrators identified as CSIA Certified members have met additional stringent  performance standards–as measured in an intensive audit process conducted by an independent third-party consulting firm–in general management, financial management, project management, quality management, technical management, human resources and business development.

Listed on the following pages are those CSIA members who focus on providing services to food and beverage industry–offering a range of services across the full spectrum of manufacturing, including the increasingly important area of food safety and regulatory compliance.

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