The new delta robot platform LDx from Sigpack Systems is suitable for use in the food/confectionery industries. The platform is made up of compact cells with integrated delta robots, which can be adapted to suit a variety of applications. Source: Sigpack Systems.

Using 3-D vision, the Fanuc M-710i robot cuts and trims ribs, or any other large unstructured slab of meat. Source: Fanuc Robotics.

Robotic eyes

ABB’s delta-class robot, the FlexPicker, handles four different frozen pizza products in triangular, circular and oval shapes at Panidea, an Italian pizza producer. The robot has a hygienic design with no painted surfaces and is rated IP67 for washdowns. Source: ABB Robotics.

Quick and determined

Country Fresh’s dairy plant in Flint, MI, installed a Kuka KR180 PA robot in its palletizing operations. The split head end of the arm tooling from Dyco allows the robot to pick multiple products at once and place single products. Source: Kuka Robotics Corp.

Give a robot a job

Keeping it under control

Robots on the move

The top 10 robotics application mistakes

Source: Bosch Rexroth