Providing long-lasting lubrication for all types of equipment used in food and beverage processing facilities, Dayton NSF-H1 food-grade DayLube grease contains nanoceramic particles that remain intact to 2,500˚F and act as sub-microscopic ball bearings for a lower coefficient of friction. With an operating temperature range of -40˚F to 800˚F, the grease is suited for industrial and commercial bakeries, kilns, conveyor cooking and cooling, and more.fex0312ts19_inbody.jpg

It has high load-bearing properties and a low dielectric constant, does not contain metal or silicone and is resistant to steam, acids and most chemical products. Available in 16-oz. tubes and jars, gallon containers and five-gal. pails, the chemically inert, environmentally friendly grease can be used on equipment including conveyors, forklifts, bearings, idlers, cams, chains and gears.

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