Study shows no significant association between BPA, adverse health outcomes

Eastman Chemical, maker of a BPA-free plastic resin alternative called Tritan, has sued two Austin, TX companies for publishing a study that shows a wide range of plastics exhibit estrogenic activity. The companies, PlastiPure and CertiChem, were both founded by University of Texas professor George Bittner. CertiChem tests plastic products for estrogenic activity, while PlastiPure makes estrogenic activity-free plastic products.

Eastman maintains the safety of its products, and says Bittman's companies made false or misleading statements about Tritan. Lucian Boldea, a vice president of the company, said in an interview with NPR last year that Bittner's testing method can produce false positives, although Bittner says a second round of testing has eliminated the possibility of a false negative.