Integrate equipment for improved bar line efficiency
Integrated bar line packaging machinery can reduce operator error and prevent downtime. Source: Bosch

With the degree of speed involved in bar line packaging, companies that rely on a line comprised of individual equipment without proper integration are setting themselves up for operator error, downtime and lost profits. Incorporating a single design philosophy across the line increases efficiency by reducing incorrect operation, handling and response.

In some facilities, machinery running on different operating systems can result in production lines with 10 or more control panels. The proliferation of control panels can easily overwhelm operators struggling to meet high efficiency and productivity standards.

A single design philosophy with a unit such as the Bosch bar packaging line, which incorporates only one control panel, creates a more cohesive production line. The improved automation and standardized operating procedures that accompany a single design philosophy allow staff to spend more time on other tasks, increasing uptime. Line training is also simplified through a single design approach.

Changeover can be another major bottleneck in bar production. In a nonintegrated system, format changes result in extensive downtime, but standardized tools and ease of accessibility allow operators to complete changeover with minimal disruption on single design lines.

For more information: Philipp Schenker, product manager for Bosch, at or +41 (0) 58 674 6664.