FDA releases training video series

FDA released a series of training videos designed to help industry with electronic submissions to the Office of Food Additive Safety. The series includes one introductory video and six subsequent modules, the first of which applies to all submission types and the following five of which are specific to different types of submissions. The video links may be found below.

Intro video

Module 1

Module 2: Information Specific to Food and Color Additive Petition and Master file submissions

Module 3. Information Specific to Food Contact Notifications (FCNs), Pre-Notification Consultations (PNCs) and Food Master Files (FMFs) for Food Contact Substances (FCSs)

Module 4. Information Specific to Generally Recognized as Safe Notice Submissions

Module 5. Information Specific to Biotechnology Final Consultation Submissions

Module 6. Information Specific to New Protein Consultation Submissions