The International Society of Automation will offer a new Process Automation Boot Camp for non-maintenance personnel, to be held during the week of Monday, March 31 at ISA headquarters.

According to ISA, the course is specifically designed for:

  •          Operations personnel with no instrument maintenance responsibilities, but who require a general knowledge of process automation equipment
  •          Automation engineers who need a basic understanding of process automation equipment, signal transmissions and process measurements
  •          Process control engineers who need to understand the operation of all equipment associated with the process control loop
  •          Process control equipment sales staff who need to learn process measurement and control and the various applications of process instrumentation
  •          Managers who are responsible for overseeing operations or maintenance personnel and need a general overview of the technology maintained by their  staff.

The course will include laboratory demonstrations and expert-led, in-depth lecture and classroom discussions. It will be offered again in August 2014. For more information, click here.