New Mexico dairy farm connected to animal abuseA New Mexico dairy farm is under heavy scrutiny after hidden video surfaced claiming to show employees abusing the farm’s animals.

The footage was reportedly captured by worker using a hidden-camera on Winchester Dairy outside of Roswell, NM. In the video, published by Mercy for Animals, workers are seen kicking and punching the animals, whipping the cows with chains, and shocking cows with electric prods while being dragged by a tractor.

According to the Associated Press, officials at the farm are cooperating and all employees associated with the abuse were fired. The farm temporarily ceased operation and the New Mexico Livestock Board is investigating the facility.

The farm supplied milk to Leprino foods, the world’s largest manufacturer of mozzarella cheese and part of the supply chain that provides cheese many major pizza chains in the US.

The company has since cut all business ties with the farm.

Leprino Foods released a statement upon notification of the video saying “Leprino Foods cares deeply about the health and welfare of the animals on the farms that supply our milk. As soon as our cooperative milk supplier was informed about the abuse on one of these dairies, all shipments from that farm were terminated immediately. Leprino Foods is not receiving any milk from this operation.”

The company went on to say it is “extremely repulsed” by the events depicted and finds the video appalling and unacceptable.

Mercy for Animals has supplied law enforcement officials with the video footage.