BRC Global Standards will publish the fifth issue of its Global Standard for Packaging and Packing Materials on July 1.

“Building on the core principles of management commitment, a hazard and risk analysis-based product safety program and a supporting quality management system, the objective of the rewrite of Issue 5 has been to direct the focus of the audit towards the implementation of good manufacturing practices within the production areas while recognizing the diversity and breadth of the packaging industry, and the skills required to audit it,” said Joanna Griffiths, BRC Global Standards’ packaging technical manager. “We believe Issue 5 is in a great position to continue the growth of the Standard and the industry’s confidence in it.”

The new issue will focus on:

•    a move from "good practice" to "best practice"

•    the quality management systems process in printed packaging controls

•    continuing to ensure consistency of the audit process

•    providing a Standard that meets retailers? and brand owners? needs to reduce the audit burden

•    better recognition of the diversity of the packaging industry and its customers? demands

•    encouraging greater transparency and traceability in the supply chain

•    encouraging adoption of the Standard as a means of improving product safety at small sites and facilities where processes are still in development

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