While colorful pasta has been around for years, at BUITONI, the vibrant colors infused into its new line of pastas aren’t just for looks. The company recently released a new line of fresh ravioli made with pieces of real vegetables, like sweet red pepper and spinach, to add color and flavor to the pasta.

"We've always known how to create delectable flavors with our premium-quality pasta fillings tucked into fresh and tender pasta dough," said Riccardo Landi, chef from Casa Buitoni. "With this new line of freshly made pasta flavored with real vegetables, we're able to create exceptional flavor combinations by matching premium ingredients in the filling to the vegetable-infused pasta. Each variety showcases the beloved, clean flavors of the vegetables within the pasta dough.

BUITONI, part of Nestle USA since 1988, offers three varieties of pasta made with real vegetables: spinach and artichoke ravioli; sweet bell pepper and roasted chicken ravioli; and three cheese and asparagus ravioli. The new varieties of BUITONI pasta can be found in the refridgerated section in the grocery store.

 "Americans are looking for ways to incorporate vegetables into their meals in new and delicious ways," said Erica Starrfield, BUITONI brand manager. "Our new line of vegetable-infused pastas bring exciting 'vegetable innovation' to a classic meal category."