The New Hampshire House of Representatives voted Wednesday in opposition of a bill that would have required foods containing genetically modified organisms to carry a label disclosing their use.

Representatives voted 239-122 in agreement with the state Committee on Environment and Agriculture which voted to oppose the bill in January finding it “inexpedient to legislate.”

Three other New England states, Vermont, Massachusetts and Connecticut, have passed similar legislation with Vermont’s scheduled to go into effect later this year. The laws have found favor with some consumer groups, but have been widely opposed by the food and beverage industry which has argued a patchwork of varying state laws will be confusing to consumers.

The International Dairy Foods Association, along with the National Milk Producers Federation and the Northeast Dairy Farmers Cooperatives, sent a joint letter to every member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives before Wednesday’s vote, urging them to oppose the bill.

“We applaud the New Hampshire General Assembly for rejecting the GMO labeling bill that would have unfairly stigmatized certain dairy products, caused consumer confusion, increased food prices and raised safety concerns where none exist,” says Ruth Saunders, IDFA vice president of policy and legislative affairs.