Despite Americans’ fizzling taste for soda, craft and hard soda purchases are on the rise. Last year, dynamic new flavors and alcoholic options like root beer and ginger ale breathed life into the struggling category. Now, PepsiCo is getting in on the craft trend by launching 1983—a mix of premium ingredients that pays respect to more than 100 years of cola-making expertise.

According to Pepsi-Cola, the new product features a blend of premium kola nut extract, real sugar and sparkling water and is available in original and ginger cola flavors.

“We were energized by the food revolution, and inspired by consumer interest in bold and interesting taste combinations,” says Chad Stubbs, vice president of marketing, Pepsi Trademark. “We were also motivated by our past, so we created these unique 1893 taste experiences to honor the passion of our founder, Caleb Bradham.”