The endless wave of craft beer crashing onto store shelves has made recent years a delight for beer drinkers, and it’s this variety that enthusiasts say they love the most. According to a recent study by the Harris Poll, seven in ten beer drinkers enjoy trying new types of beer and two out of three are fans of local brews. The latter is especially true of craft beer drinkers, 86 percent of whom are fans of local beer, compared to 77 percent of those who prefer import beers and 60 percent of domestic non-craft beer drinkers.

Thirty-somethings stand out from the crowd in their passion for beer. Among beer drinkers in this age group, 95 percent say it's a great time to be a beer lover and 85 percent enjoy trying new types of beer. They're also more passionate fans of local brews than the average beer drinker.

As the weather changes, so do the taps with spring seasonal brews replacing the winter drafts. When it comes to beer style, 30 percent say lagers are their beer of choice. However, four in 10 say their favorite beers change with the season. Millennials may welcome the change most as they're more likely than any other generation to modify their tastes with the seasons.