Grocery Manufacturing Association (GMA) president Pamela Bailey urged Congress to pass a uniform national labeling law on the disclosure of genetically modified organisms (GMO) in food or else risk increased costs and consumer confusion along with a shift away from agricultural biotechnology.

Failure to act will have long-lasting adverse effects throughout the food supply chain and will turn back the clock on American agriculture, Bailey said in the kickoff address of the 2016 GMA Science Forum.

“The Senate needs to act and act quickly, or farmers may lose access to biotech, more food companies may be forced to reformulate, and consumers will face higher food costs,” Bailey says.  “The time to act is now, and GMA stands ready to work with Senate leaders in crafting a bipartisan compromise. “Our constitution gave Congress the authority to regulate interstate commerce for the benefit of all Americans. There is no greater need for the Senate to exercise that authority than the crisis now facing our food supply chain.”

The GMA Science Forum brings together experts and industry leaders to keep the science community informed of emerging science, innovation, safety, and legal requirements in a wide array of areas. Science Forum sessions include diverse topics such as food safety, government regulation, global issues, chemical ingredients, nutrition and labeling, biotechnology, and innovation.