A new wine service is replacing a sommelier with science.

Founded by genetic scientists and wine experts, Vinome — short for “vino + genome” — says it can recommend the right wine based on the drinker’s DNA. Customers take a taste preference survey and send in a saliva sample. The test uses 10 genetic markers related to smell and taste to classify customers as one of eight taste profiles. The company then uses a combination of the customer’s preference and DNA test results to recommend wines from its own online store, as well as offering a quarterly wine club.

"After years of analyzing DNA to develop medicines for cancer, we started thinking," said Sara Riordan, Vinome co-founder, "if there's a gene that tells you whether you like Brussels sprouts or not, and whether you like cilantro or not, why aren't we using genetics to tell people whether they would favor a certain wine?"

The company has partnered with wineries in California, Oregon and Washington to supply the wines.

For more information, visit Vinome.com