The Ardagh Group’s latest beverage can finishing, named ‘Matte & Mirror Impact,’ combines the trending combination of matte and glossy surfaces.

The company’s new ink compound creates an eye-catching beverage packaging. The new finishing is created with a special admixture that can be used with any printable color and creates matte effects on the otherwise glossy can surface.

During the drying process in can production, the blend creates a surface structure that reflects light differently, thus producing a matte appearance.

“Compared to matte-only finishings, where the matte effect is within the overvarnish, the new solution creates a multi-faceted surface through a specialty ink,” explains Werner Noll, R&D manager beverage lacquers and printing at Ardagh Group.

Noll adds that the market for matte packaging continues to expand in the food and beverage industries.

“It’s easy to achieve with paper or cardboard packaging,” Noll says. “However, when it comes to metal beverage cans, the matte effect was proved more difficult to replicate, especially in combination with glossy elements

Dirk Schwung, sales director at Ardagh Group, says the ‘Matte & Mirror Impact’ provides an appealing design option, especially for brands that want to create value through their packaging design.

“The new finishing helps customers to upgrade brand communication,” he explains. “The alternating matte and glossy areas allow specific design elements, such as logos, promotional messages or brand icons, to be easily and effectively highlighted. As a result, the outstanding can design attracts customers’ attention at the point of sale.”

The new finishing will be available as of 2018, but samples of ‘Matte & Mirror Impact’ can already be pre-ordered from Ardagh Group’s Sample Store.

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