Combilift has opened a new global headquarters that will allow the company to double its annual production.

The new facility, located in Annahagh, Monaghan, Ireland, is a 500,000-sq.-ft., €50 million facility that will serve as Combilifit's global headquarters and a new manufacturing facility. The facility includes four 90-meter assembly lines that can produce a new truck every 15 minutes.

The new facility will help Combilift continue to provide customized material handling solutions at high volume, says Martin McVicar, managing director.

“Mass customisation is the new frontier for both the customer and the manufacturer," McVicar says. "Increasingly customers are expecting products to be tailored to meet their needs. Forklift producers that offer customised products generally produce low volume, but Combilift is setting the benchmark by offering the mass production of tailored products, resulting in a strategic advantage for our customers. Traditional forklift manufacturers focus on high volume mass production of the same products. We evolve with our clients, producing new products each year."

The facility was built with sustainability in mind as well.  The roof is 30 percent covered in skylights, allowing much of the plant to use natural daylight instead of artificial lighting. Individual passive infrared sensors help manage lighting usage and conserve energy by only turning on lights when they are needed. Solar panels provide 185 kW of energy and a one megawatt biomass plant fuelled by recycled word provides heat for spraying boots and assembly areas. The facility also has the capability to harvest 110,000 liters of rain water for use throughout the facility.

The facility is certified under the ISO 9001 international quality management system, ISO 14001 Environment Management and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series

Established in 1998, Combilift provides material handling solutions to customers in 85 countries.