An Italian chocolate maker is making its mark on popular American candy brands that it purchased from a Swiss company. The change starts with the iconic Butterfinger, which has a bold, re-engineered wrapper and new recipe.

Ferrero, which sells Nutella and Kinder, has been collecting U.S. candy brands: Fannie May and Harry London chocolates; Ferrara Candy Company with Lemonhead, Brach’s and Super Bubble gum; and Switzerland-based Nestlé’s American confection business, including Crunch, BabyRuth and Nerds. The former Nestlé products have been incorporated into Ferrara.

The wrapper for the updated Butterfinger hitting shelves this winter keeps the candy bars fresher so they don’t lost their “crispety, crunchety” experience. The package uses new double-layer, higher-quality material, Ferrara says.

The labeling also reflects the simpler, better ingredients from the first recipe update in more than a decade: improved chocolatey coating with more milk and cocoa, “carefully selected” U.S.-grown peanuts and the elimination of TBHQ and hydrogenated oils.  

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