Company: Baker Perkins

Equipment Snapshot: The Baker Perkins Microfilm cooker is designed for cooking of sugar, low-sugar and sugar-free confectionery products such as gummies, as well as other soft candy and confectionery items like toffee, caramels and jellies. The cooker can also produce hard candies, cream candies and high-milk candies with excellent moisture control and caramelization, where required. Outputs range from 120 to 2,800 kilograms per hour. Options include mass flow meter for even product flow; twin rotors for high output; indirect or direct vacuum condenser systems; a liquid acid metering system; and a dairy ingredient preparation and injection system. The cooker has fully automatic PLC control with a touchscreen HMI. All manual controls have been consolidated into the HMI, offering complete process visualization and automatic control. Some elements of the cooking system can revert to manual operation to meet specific customer requirements. Cleaning is accomplished via a simple flush-through procedure. The Microfilm is enclosed within a one-piece stainless steel frame with access to all maintenance points from outside the machine; hygienic components and materials are used throughout. Users can fully automate production with the addition of available weighing, mixing and depositing units.