A new final rule amends the AMS regulations regarding a fresh mango national research and promotion program to include frozen mangos as a covered commodity under the Mango Promotion, Research and Information Order. 

Frozen mango importers will be assessed one cent per pound on frozen mangos, exempting from assessment importers who import less than 200,000 pounds of frozen mangos annually. This action was recommended by the board in 2016 and will allow frozen mango stakeholders to participate in a coordinated effort to maintain and expand the market for frozen mangos. 

This rule will also update the definition for the term “Board” to reflect current practices. AMS also has requested approval by OMB for the new information collection requirements necessary to include frozen mangos under the program. Also, the National Mango Board’s membership will be expanded from 18 to 21, adding two frozen mango importers and one foreign processor. 

Collection and remittance of frozen mango assessments and applicable reporting will begin July 22, 2019. For more on this final rule, visit www.regulations.gov.