New hemp extract edibles—little beads that you dissolve under your tongue—come in a sleek dispenser with a tiny dosing cap on top so people can avoid touching the product.

The patented packaging from Evielab carries what it calls pearls, which deliver 5 mg of CBD or “ultra-rare” cannabigerol, or CBG.

Here’s how Evielab describes its packaging: “The pharmaceutical-grade plastic capsule, injected at the highest level to meet stringent clean standards measures out a single pearl dosage, which can be popped into the user’s mouth, and eliminates the need for hands to touch the product. The dispenser is designed to ‘pop’ the pearl into the mouth without any cross-contamination as users have with sharing a vape pen or tincture dropper.”

The pearls, also patented, taste like the aromatic compounds in hemp, called terpenes. They come in a variety of profiles, based on their effect, including energy, pain relief, relaxation, sexual drive, sleep, immunity and brain focus.

“Evielab pearls are designed as a wellness product, and we wanted users to have a very emotional connection to our product so it’s a high-touch application that is sexy and discreet enough to slip into your pocket,” founder Xavier Suid says.